All of the lyrics and most of the music in Toying with Science are original. Garry's passion for song-writing began in his youth, but with only minimal musical training (4 years of trumpet), he was limited in what he could do. However, as an adult, he taught himself to play guitar, piano, and harmonica. As his musical prowess grew, so did the amount and quality of music in his shows. Composing music that would enhance onstage action, Garry developed a unique and energetic style of theater.  

In Toying with Science, Garry uses music and motion to explore fulcrums, levers and simple machines. In his principle song, "Fulcrum Man", he backs his live singing and action with a dynamic musical soundtrack. Audiences rave at how he blends scientific information and humor together with lively music. Garry also uses original music to highlight his ladder balancing, juggling and physical comedy, making Toying with Science a high energy, multi-media theatrical experience!


Here are some of the lyrics from Toying with Science:


Fulcrum Man
(By Garry Krinsky - copyright 2007)


Fulcrum's a funny word. Simply what it is
Is the place where energy's transformed. Relax, They'll be no quiz.

See the seesaw painted red, divided equally.
The fulcrum's here, upon my head. It transfers energy. (He's Fulcrum Man)

Move the fulcrum over here and see this arm get long.
The fulcrum now's in this hole, wow, it makes me feel so strong.
With it, I can lift a car. Let's hit the road, "Jack",
'cause with the long arm of the lever, you get power. That's a fact.

(We use leverage) with my shovel, dig?
(Leverage) with my hockey stick,
(Leverage) paddling with my oar,
(Leverage) fishing from the shore.
(Leverage) I've got to cut the line.
(Leverage) It's scissors time.
(Two levers) with one fulcrum.
(Levers) They share the fun.

Fulcrums, they're everywhere. Look; There's one.
In the middle of my devil stick, you'll see the red fulcrum.
When I move the stick right there, and make a move just right,
My devil stick takes to the air as if it were in flight.

(Leverage) makes a wheel go 'round.
(Leverage) It's where up meets down.
(Leverage) See my circular stroke,
(Leverage) here in the middle of the spoke.
(Leverage) That's the fulcrum ya' know.
(Leverage) It make a helicopter go.
(Leverage) It's so uplifting.
(Leverage) It's in everything.

It's in toys, tools and machines. It's everywhere,
But other living creatures use leverage, Oh yeah',
Like beavers, who build dams with their tails.
Clams will crawl and a butterfly sails.

(Leverage) How 'bout an eagles wings?
(Leverage) A grasshopper springs.
(Leverage) You've got your elephant trunk.
(Leverage) How 'bout your smelly skunk?
(Leverage) A puppy wags it's tail.
(Leverage) A squid leaves an ink trail.
(Leverage) You've got your spider's web.
(Leverage) Hey, Can you see the thread?
It's leverage!

When he pulled the sword out, King Arthur did shout, "Leverage!"


6 simple machines - 4 times through

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"Don't Slip on the two Ws"
{A Rhyme to Remember the 6 Types of Simple Machines}
(By Garry Krinsky - copyright 2007)

Simple Machines; There's six different kinds.
To remember them, here's a few clues,
A silly phrase that helps to remind;
"Don't SLIP on the two Ws!"

"S" is for screw, "L" is for lever,and "I"s for the inclined plane.
"P" is for pulley. The first "W"s wedge.
Wheel and axle is all that remains.

It's a silly phrase
That helps to remind,
Don't SLIP on the 2 Ws!



In his early performing years, Garry recorded soundtracks featuring guitar, keyboard, trumpet, and vocals for his zany char
acter, Buck McCabe. The music that Garry created for his show, The Adventures of Buck McCabe, not only embellished the onstage antics of this cross between "Dudley Do-right"and "Seinfeld's Kramer", but also directly shaped and supported the character as he mimed, moved and cavorted through his fast-paced adventures. Interestingly, much of the music and lyrics for this character grew out of Garry's penchant for taking on "Buck's" persona in some of his own real life adventures. By competing in many marathons and triathlons as "Buck McCabe", Garry was musically inspired to create Buck's on-stage tales. The many years of creating and performing "Buck's" soundtracks has had a profound impact on Garry's musical evolution.



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